In the matter of comes to managing traffic, then it requires various activities such as administration, direction and manage of all the vehicles involved. But this is an old method now when we speak about traffic control, then methods to do it have become elegant and now it covers many more. A smart traffic management system is able to controlling road traffic in an systematic way while using equipment like a CCTV & Security System, a Number plate recognition system and many more. This helps in actively managing the transport network.

Forecast for public constructions are at all time compact, and constructing roads and bridges is every time big-budget. Smart Traffic Management Systems help metropolitan and regional transportation departments to manage with the situation — rapidly and cost-effectively. Integrating smart traffic technology helps them economical get better presentation from their existing infrastructure.

Let’s explore how increasing and modifying infrastructure can dramatically enhance the efficiency and safety of existing traffic networks.

• Real- time live traffic management

The traffic circumstances are catch in immediate allowing the administrator to keep an inspect on the place 24 by 7. This assist in taking any essential action if there’s a circumstance of an incident.

• Reducing Congestion of traffic

We will accept that manually managing the traffic is a hard task and one or even two administrators can’t manage the crowd of vehicles that enter a premise. When there is a smart traffic management system is in spot, only single guard can manage everything very effortlessly.

• Vehicle Plate Number Recognition

The most essential part of handling traffic is to keep follow of vehicles and their number plates. If specific vehicle is begin doubtful or require some action to be taken, then with its separate number plate, it can be track down simply in the database. With a smart traffic management system comes smart perception and solutions for the existing traffic management issues.

• Optimizing Infrastructure System

When new technology integrated in a smart traffic management system, it is easier to develop the road infrastructure systems via IoT authorize traffic management solution. This allows rapid and better transmission administration between charges and authorities.