Back in the early days, there were limited cars and unlimited parking spaces in the open and just because only a limited number of cars ferried on the roads, they never created hassles or traffic chaos.
But now, in the modern world, things have drastically changed. It is estimated that over 800 million cars are there in the world today, many new are coming out of the assembly line as we speak but parking spaces are not manufactured, they’re as it is.
In this Technical World, Everybody is in a hustle. Time is precious, each and every one is trying to create the most of it. Reducing time means driving rapid, and to quick drive, people depend on their private vehicles. This is the main reason behind the fast increase in the number of vehicles. With more vehicles strike the roads, there are two big challenges in the sight of us, traffic crowding and lack of parking space.
Parking wars and improper parking related chaos and traffic congestion problems have become a harsh reality today and tackling them efficiently is the need of the hour.
We, at Newturn hold 30 years of expertise in building effective parking management solutions and systems for small to large scale projects. In this blog, we pitch some aspect on how to manage the aggregative parking space problem.

• Planning with experts

The administration responsible for planning and management the landmark should focus in this and find some way to solve the parking space problem. Administration need to set up new technology to tackle the problem. Like, regulate the parking charges as per the value of that parking place and limit the number of cars in shopping centers and popular areas.

Most people don’t plan for the future when it comes to parking management. They plan for the next 5years or so, making thing worse. That’s why they need parking consultant and experts for their best bet for effective parking panning.

• To adopt new Technology and Infrastructure

Administration single handed cannot solve the parking space problem. There should be adopting new technology and infrastructure to park the vehicles. The administration should come up with new ways to create new parking spaces around the cities. For example, construction of Stack Car Parking spaces, Tower Parking, Puzzle Car Parking it’s might be conventional or automated. The automated method will be suitable for Indian situations it is easy to manage.

• Establish Minimum Parking Requirements

By increasing the needs for parking spaces the demand for parking can be decreased. The use of edging is usual in this condition. This system is easy to execute but can add to the prices of providing parking to developers and public administration.

• Rideshare

The absence of parking space in utmost Indian cities is caused due to a raised in the number of cars. Ride-sharing will be a great solution to solve this problem. Ride Sharing is when two or more commuters ride together in a private automobile on a continuing basis, regardless of their relationship to each other or the cost of sharing agreements. The carpool driver may pick up passengers at their homes, or they may meet at a central location.