In india people face a critical trouble of crowding due to the growing of private vehicles. Traffic administration in many towns is decided by the introduction of one-sided traffic method, which has suggestions for pedestrian protection and fuel use.
Sharp shortage of parking supply is seen in business areas. Random parking blocks the unbound move of traffic and causes accidents. As such multilevel car parking system is a choice to increase car parking capacity by use vertical rather than horizontal space. But, it is frequently establish that ramps or car lifts consume so much parking area that no growing in parking capacity is conceivable. In such situations, Mechanical car parking systems seem the outstanding and most cost-efficient way out. Either popular diversity of automated parking systems is the puzzle parking system.

Puzzle parking systems are smart parking arrangements. It is a completely mechanical car parking system and characteristic mixture pallets that authorize horizontal and vertical movement of parking places. Multilevel puzzle parking is good solution to stack cars in to vertical position for 3 levels or more. It is ideal to install into open area. Structure has been designed carefully to use minimum space for maximum car stacking. The main structure for multilevel parking is composed of H-shape steel. It has designing of no posts between car-lifting frames; this structure is stable enough for the car to go out and in expediently. Structure is driven by the motor chain. Puzzle parking systems are ideal for Corporate Parks, Commercial Houses, Shopping Malls, Residential Colonies and Automobile Dealership in narrow urban areas How Puzzle Parking works
The puzzle parking system is a combination of pallet and stack systems. To park a car, you can enter via various entry points as against to a nominated area. When you park your car on a specific platform and get out of it, it is automatically lifted up to the applicable level. Thus, your car will hold out the desired place on its own saving you time and energy.

Advantages of Puzzle Parking

The advantages can be listed as follows:
• Electric control hydraulic system with imported components, lifting and lowing steadily.
• Mechanical lock the safety device, lifting safe and reliable.
• Huge capacity of hydraulic station, with rapid lifting and lowing in low sound.
• Locking Lift with different height and is available according to customer requirement.
So, we can see that puzzle parking systems are a substantial optimization to your live or latest lands. If you are interested in the explore of an automated parking system for your own goods and want to discuss your possibility, contact at Newturn Automation Pvt. Ltd. – the leaders in car parking solutions.