An international hotel brand by Sankalp group of Restaurants has adopted a Newturn Automation for Dual Stack Parking and Self vehicle parking system for their proposed new hotel of the Taj and Commercial building. The largest hotel of Gujarat with 320 rooms, Taj, Ahmedabad is situated at Sindhu Bhawan Road, near S P Ring Road in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Animation Of the Parking guidance System

Parking guidance and information (PGI) systems, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled Basement. The systems combine monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies to provide the service.  PGI systems can assist in the development of safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation network.

PGI systems are designed to aid in the search for vacant parking spaces by directing drivers to car parks where occupancy levels are low.

Ultrasound and laser technologies provide information on the availability of parking spaces throughout the parking facility. At the same time, new camera-based technologies now make it possible to read the license plate of the vehicle in each parking space. This is an added value since it allows the identification of a specific vehicle in a specific parking space and, in addition, sometimes records possible incidents occurring in that space. This new methods increase security and revenue for the parking owners.

Newturn designed 3 Level Basements with dual stack parking System 

Newturn’s 3 Level Basement with Double Stack  Parking is economical model to be used for stack parking in small area. This car lift has been designed to ideally accommodate Sedan Hatch back and few SUV model cars in vertical position where the installation area is really small.

The device enjoys great popularity with the features of simple structure, easy assembling and space-saving. Newturn’s Double Stack  Parking system mainly consists of posts of two sides, carriage of two sides, and wave plate platform. The left and right post can be used in common. The left and right carriage can form double-linked or multi-linked device with the column at random.

Newturn has installed and designed many Automated Parking and Valet Parking system in Ahmedabad Like…Iscon Platinum, UN Mehta Hospital, takshashila air Etc..