Tilted Parking

Tilted Parking Lift
TIlted parking

Tilted Parking

Tilted Lifts are used to save the space where height for parking is very Low. It gives Tilt to the vehicle to accommodate the vehicle in the minimum Space.

These lifts are designed to stack two Sedan cars on one on one with the utilization of Front space.

Ideal For:

Under Beam Bottom Installations.

Garage Parking

Low floor clearance space

Ideal for 3200 mm height.


  • Product Description

    Tilted Lifts are used to utilize maximum of space to stack two vehicles in Tilted position.

    These Lifts are mainly useful for the Beam Bottom structure to utilize low space under Beam.

    1) Can be used in household or office building parking lot

    2) Dual-cylinder lifting system, more stable and reliable

    3) Balance shaft to ensure synchronous balancing

    4) Low post, faster lifting and lowering speed

    5) Adjustable platform angle, suitable for low ceiling garage

    6) Single manual lock release system, safe and reliable

    7) Mold machining through the whole process so that the parts are universal and interchangeable

    8) Italian oil seal to make sure no oil leakage