Multi Level Car Parking


Multi Level Car Parking

  • Product Description

    Multilevel parking is good solution to stack cars in to vertical position for 3 level or more. It is ideal to install into open area. Structure has been designed carefully to use minimum space for maximum car stacking,

    Ideal For

    • Business Parks
    • Residential colonies
    • Commercial complexes
    • Automobile dealerships

    Device parameters

    • Environment temperature : -20℃~ +40℃
    • Relative humidity : less than 60%
    • Operating environment: no explosive, no corrosive and no electric medium.
    • 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases, 5-wires system ,AC , the voltage


    • Electric control hydraulic system with imported components, lifting and lowing steadily.
    • Mechanical lock the safety device, lifting safe and reliable.
    • Huge capacity of hydraulic station, with rapid lifting and lowing in low sound.
    • Locking Lift with different height and is available according to customer requirement.


    • 5mm “international standard” column steel plates.
    • 8mm brace arm and 6mm Internal sliding column, never deform.
    • Wearable, Anti-High temperature, high strength oiliness macromolecule nylon slide block.
    • Require no less than 150mm cement on the ground.
    • Double cylinder dynamic hoist drive device.
    • Aluminum pump device, running time without any break down for at least 40,000 H.


    • Double safe antiskid device, from column ladder safe to close protection by dynamic hydraulic pressure.
      Endure Max 5 T destructive testing, fulfill 3.5T/4T actual working conditions.