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  • ECO

    2 Post Stack Car Park

    Doublle Parking is economical model to be used for stack parking in small area. This car lift has been designed to ideally accommodate Sedan Hatch back and few SUV model cars in vertical position where the installation area is really small.

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  • Parking-Lift

    Four Post Parking

    Four Post Parking Lift(FPP):-

    Four Post parking lift are hydraulic unit driven lift which has four mounting posts. Platform design has been made in compact way to stack the vehicle with the minimum space. FPP is the most economical solutions to stack vehicle in vertical position. FPP equipment is easy to operate with low noise production

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  • customized-engineering-img

    Multi Level Car Parking

    Multilevel parking is good solution to stack cars in to vertical position for 3 level or more. It is ideal to install into open area. Structure has been designed carefully to use minimum space for maximum car stacking,

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  • Tilted Parking Lift

    Tilted Parking

    Tilted Lifts are used to utilize maximum of space to stack two vehicles in Tilted position.

    These Lifts are mainly useful for the Beam Bottom structure to utilize low space under Beam.

    1) Can be used in household or office building parking lot

    2) Dual-cylinder lifting system, more stable and reliable Read more