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  • Multi-level-Puzzle-parking

    Multi level Puzzle parking

    The main structure for multilevel parking is composed of H-shape steel. It has designing of no posts between car-lifting frames, this structure is stable enough for the car to go out and in expediently. Structure is Driven by the motor chain. All frames move vertically and horizontally in the structure.

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    Pit Level Parking

    Pit level parking system is well designed independent parking system designed for cars to stack them individually in vertical position.


    • It has Multiple intelligent operating functions ,machine can adjust different rise angle of platform,It’s easy to park and pick up cars.
    • Platform is adjustable to achieve smoothly forward, backward ,rise and descend of different functions

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  • Puzzle-parking-level

    Puzzle parking 2 level

    Puzzle parking 2 level

    Capacity Length Height Width Rise
    1800Kg 5000mm 1500mm 1850mm 1900mm

    2 level puzzle parking is totally independent parking system for car parking. Ideal low ceiling designs make this equipment most effective. Read more

  • Rotary Parking

    Rotary Parking System

    The perfect solution to park the maximum number of cars in the least amount of space.
    This system allows you to park vehicles vertically for 8,12 and 14 nos in the space of 2 vehicles on ground.
    This is ideal solution for existing housing societies and buildings where vertical space is available for parking.
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